History Of Murphy North Carolina

Archibald D. Murphey



The "Town of Murphy" was founded in 1835. On this date the first post office was opened under the name of Huntington, with Col. H.R.S. Hunter the first Postmaster. Huntington later became Murphy, named after Archibald D. Murphey. (Notice how the spelling of the town's name dropped the "e" in Murphy.)


Then in 1839, Cherokee County was formed from a portion of neighboring Macon County. In 1851, Murphy was incorporated as the county seat of Cherokee County.


Prior to 1839, Cherokee County and the surrounding area was home to the Cherokee Indian Nation. In 1839, the Cherokee were removed to Oklahoma over the infamous "Trail of Tears". The "Trail of Tears" followed a pathway out of town that is now Lakeside Drive.

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