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Types of Shipping Containers

There are various types of storage containers available for different purposes. Some common types include shipping containers, portable storage containers, and self-storage units. These containers can be used to store personal belongings, motorcycles, automobiles, contractor equipment, pool supplies, and even contents for home building or construction projects. In Western North Carolina, specifically in Andrews, North Carolina, you can call us at 828-837-8986 and schedule one of our containers for rent or sale. Onsite storage containers are also available, which can be used for temporary storage at a specific location. These containers are generally accessible to anyone who needs storage space in the Andrews and Murphy, North Carolina areas of western North Carolina.

It's convenient that the containers are located inside the city limits of Murphy and are easily accessible by paved road and semi trucks. It's also nice that we offer unique storage options for various items such as toys, motorcycles, and furniture.

There are several reasons why people might choose to use a storage container in Andrews and Murphy, North Carolina. Some possible reasons include:

1. Extra storage space: Storage containers provide a convenient and secure way to store belongings that may not fit in a home or garage. This can be especially useful for people with limited space or those who are in the process of moving or renovating.

2. Protection from the elements: Storage containers are typically weatherproof, which means they can protect items from rain, snow, and other environmental factors. This can be particularly important for items that are sensitive to moisture or temperature changes.

3. Security: Storage containers are often made of durable materials and equipped with locks, making them a secure option for storing valuable items. This can give people peace of mind knowing that their belongings are safe and protected.

4. Accessibility: Having a storage container located right outside the city limits of Andrews and Murphy provides easy access for residents in the area. This can be especially convenient for people who need to frequently access their stored items or for businesses that require quick and convenient access to their equipment or inventory.

Overall, using a storage container in Andrews and Murphy, North Carolina can offer individuals and businesses a practical and flexible solution for their storage needs.

  1. AVAILABLE TODAY - We have CONTAINERS for rent and they are located right outside the city limits of Murphy, easy access with paved road and also semi truck accessible. 
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - We are Easy and Simple to locate.
  3. UNIQUE STORAGE- Whether you need extra room for your toys, motorcycles, furniture or whatever, we can provide you with as many storage containers as you need.



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